Reign Condominium

Condo Living In The Royal City

Guelph, ON

Completion Date: TBD

Starting in the mid $300s

Nicknamed “The Royal City” by its founders two centuries ago, Guelph has grown from a farm town into a sophisticated city, proud of its rural roots, its world-class University and its thriving businesses.

Guelph’s residential heritage has grown with it, and continues to evolve with the arrival of REIGN. Here a new generation – a new “ruling class” of young entrepreneurs and creatives – is ready to make the city their own.

Welcome to a condominium that leaves the common and everyday behind. An urban living environment adds vibrance and excitement to this already charming and innovative community.

REIGN Condo. Live in luxury, live like Royalty.

Reid’s Heritage Homes Discovery Centre & Sales Office: 30 Clair Road West, Guelph, ON N1L 1G7