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Michael Klassen

‘What we do and how we established ourselves as “Industry Leaders” in a global pandemic.’

We often get asked at Eleven Eleven “What exactly, is a Pre-construction Listing Brokerage?” and “How does your firm consistently drive sales results for developers, in ever changing markets?” In this piece we’ll go over what a Pre-construction Listing Brokerage is, our secret to success and an example of a recent project we couldn’t be prouder of.

Pre-construction listing brokerages are essentially project marketing firms that developers hire to provide marketing and sales functions for new residential construction. We help developers sell condos and master-planned communities of new homes, semis and towns by assisting with things like:

  • Research and development
  • Floorplan design
  • Pricing
  • Sales packages development
  • Virtual sales programs
  • Marketing via our contacts and extensive co-operating networks
  • Launch events
  • Sales execution and more

At Eleven Eleven however, we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently. We employ a specialized skillset that focuses on working closely with our developers. We immerse ourselves in their culture to deliver highly tailored services. Our executive team remain ‘all hands on deck’ throughout the entire sales process, as such we’re able to react quickly to the ever-shifting demands of the pre-construction market. That means unprecedented sales results. Every. Time. Even when catastrophic market shifting events like Covid-19 occur.

 “Our sales success is defined by leadership, adaptability and innovation”

In the winter of 2020 Eleven Eleven was prepping to launch The Charlotte Condos – an elegant boutique condo development in downtown Whitby – when Covid-19 hit and the World Health Organization declared a ‘pandemic’. While the real estate market held its breath unsure how to proceed, we had the vision and confidence to launch based on experience and skillset. We knew our firm’s adaptable and innovative sales and marketing strategies would allow us to continue to deliver impressive sales results in uncertain times, and that’s just what we did.

Launched in early May 2020 The Charlotte Condos by Castleview Developments, located at 500 Dundas St. E. Whitby, was one of the first pre-construction condo launches in Ontario under COVID-19. All eyes were on Eleven Eleven during this launch. Listing brokerages across the province were monitoring us closely to gauge sales. Their builder clients wanted real-time reports on how we were doing. Well, we exceeded all expectations, in a big way! The launch of The Charlotte was a massive success. Demand was through the roof. Many buyers got in early, positioning them for a great return, and the project reached 70% sold in a blink. Eleven Eleven became an industry leader in the province with this launch. We couldn’t be prouder of how we served our clients and buyers even in uncertain times.

Brilliant projects deserve brilliant ideas. Let us sell your vision and show you why tailored is best.

For more information on our services and how Eleven Eleven can help you with your next project contact us at (416) 588-5100 or via our contact form.

If you are interested in learning more about the boutique luxury, exquisite features and lifestyle amenities offered at the Charlotte Condos please click here for more information. You can also contact sales representative Tony Nguyen at

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